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We know here at Imperial Detailing our customers love driving around in a beautifully clean car, but keeping it always looking that way is not easy. Your transportation needs much more than the once a month run through a car wash or the rising from the almost daily mid-afternoon Florida summer rain storm. You do regular maintenance like oil changes on your engine to keep it running its best, but it is just as important to take the same care of the interior and exterior surfaces.

Ready to book one of our amazing package deals so that your car or truck will shine?!

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Full details include, Interior/ Exterior thorough cleaning-wash-wax/polish-vacuuming-headliner-Supreme shine U.V. protection-scotch guard-deodorizer-stain removal-shampooing-etc.

Basic package includes the following: vacuuming-window cleaning-door jams-scotch guard protectint with semi gloss-wash-drying-tire shine

Prices range from $35.00 to $250.00 for automobiles.

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We GUARANTEE amazing results in every detail we perform!


Detailing is generally broken down into two categories: exterior and interior, or cabin. There are products and services that focus on these two areas specifically.

Exterior detailing involves cleaning and restoring or exceeding the original condition of the surface of the car’s finish (usually a paint with a glossy finish), chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires, as well as other visible components on the exterior of a vehicle. A wide array of products and techniques are used to do this based on the surface type, surface condition, or the detailer’s preference. Products include, but are not limited to: detergents and acid free degreasers (to break down dirt and soil), detail clay (to remove embedded contaminates), waxes and polishes (to resurface and then improve reflectivity), as well as a variety of applicators, brushes, and drying towels.

Interior detailing involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior cabin. Automobile interiors of the last 50 years have a variety of materials used inside the cabin such as synthetic carpet upholstery, vinyl, leather, various natural fibers, carbon fiber composites, plastics, and others. Different techniques and products are used to address cleaning these. Vacuuming is standard, and steam cleaning, liquid and foam chemicals, as well as brushes may be used to remove stains on upholstery. Some nonporous surfaces may also be polished.

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September 17, 2015

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Bryce Moldonado and Imperial Detailing. It is not very often you meet a successful business owner in their early twenties. A person with business and professional ethics, a person who takes pride in his work, and charges a fair price for his services. Bryce Moldonado took a skill that he enjoyed and has made a successful business. His employees, as well, take pride in the work they are doing for Bryce. They are polite, courteous and enjoy what they do. Imperial takes an interest in their clients and their individual needs. They are not about upselling a service, providing a service to meet your needs. I have had my vehicle detailed by companies that come and go, rush the job and don’t take pride in their work. I cannot say that about Imperial Detailing, Bryce and his team do an AMAZING job, down to the smallest detail. I can without hesitation refer Bryce and Imperial Detailing and i thank him for his commitment too his business and his family.


Karen M Lund Agency Manager/Associate Agent

Whiting Insurance